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Chatham University's Immersive Media program is the first of its kind. Blending art, design thinking, architecture, and VR & AR technology we are diving deep into the future of immersive platforms. Come join us. 


What is Immersive Media?

When we talk about Immersive Media we are referring to the connection between people and immersive experiences. These are usually assisted by either virtual or augmented reality hardware and software. The experiences we create can take them on an adventure, assist them in doing work, open new opportunities for learning and so much more. By focusing on this connection between people and experiences we are able to remain platform agnostic and focus on the core design principles that transcend specific technologies. 


Why Immersive Media?

We see that the future of technology is more active, connected, social, and presence inducing than most of our current technology is. We know that as technology changes so will we. Utilizing virtual, augmented, and mixed reality production we work to create new experiences that can change the way people think, work, and interact. 


The Current Landscape

As more and more businesses embrace immersive platforms we are seeing an incredible amount of demand for professionals who are natives to these technologies. With the ability to design and create immersive applications graduates of the IMM program at Chatham will be ready to go help build this new and rapidly growing industry. 



VR 40.4 Billion dollar estimated market size by 2020

Statistics shows a forecast for the virtual reality software and hardware market size worldwide from 2016 to 2020 to reach over 40 billion dollars. - according to Statista. 



every major app platform is embracing immersive

More than a dozen platforms including Apple, Google, HTC, Facebook, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft and Valve all have dedicated stores or market sections for VR and AR content with thousands of applications.



Augmented reality in the palm of your hands

When Apple released ARKit for iOs they enabled compelling AR experinces on over 500 million iPhones and iPads. When combined with Google's ARCore, Microsoft Hololens, and other AR headsets the market is rapidly approaching a critical mass.


Our Approach

We believe that the best way to approach designing for immersive platforms is to start with a foundational understanding of experience design, architecture, technology, and creativity. When we understand how people interact with space, each other, and stories we can begin the process of designing experiences that can be transformative.


experience DESIGN

Students are actively engaged in design studios, design workshops, and lectures. We work to foster a culture of collaborative design based on human centered design principles. We know that the best work is done by creators that are able to see outside of the narrow focus of their discipline and be informed by the designs and methods of others. 



Students are encouraged to consider all factors that influence the design of spaces and experiences through study of human behavior, aesthetics, and design principles. Students will work alongside students from our Interior Architecture department to gain a deeper understanding of how to think about user experience for immersive design. 


Students will have access to state-of-the-art hardware and software both in our design labs and on their personal machines. Students will learn a variety of interactive programming tools, 3D software, VR & AR specific software, and have access to a growing library design resources. Students will be among some of the first people working on the newest technologies. 


ART & theory

Students will be encouraged to engage with traditional art and design practices throughout the program. A great 3D artist should have a fine understanding of sculpture and a great designer should understand the way that art moves and changes us. Many of our students will go on to work in roles directly related to the arts and those who don't will bring its influences to the much needed voids. 


Join Us!

learn with us 

We are about to begin accepting applicants for Fall of 2019! Click below to get in touch with us so you can be the first to know when applications are open and to get more info. Our team will make sure you get everything you need. 

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We are actively looking for partners! If you are looking for interns or employees, have a product you want talk with us about, are interested in funding scholarships, or want to touch base about anything else, please reach out to our team! 

Work with us

If you are working in immersive and media and want to talk with us about contributing to the program please let us know. We are always open to talking to people interested in teaching, speaking, running workshops, and more.